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Cumitas undertakes to provide its customers with products and services by applying conditions and showing continuous improvement and effort in all its business activities.

In particular, the following issues are expected from all our employees, especially the leaders of our company:

  1. Adopting the principle of compliance with our ethical rules during our activities,
  2. Being aware of the fact that our Senior Management represents our company in every field, leading the provision of products/services with a leading quality level in the market,
  3. Identifying areas that add and/or can add high value to our company, analyzing risks and opportunities, ensuring improvement in these areas,
  4. Creating and developing a corporate culture that strives for high performance and success,
  5. Developing the capacity of employees, ensuring their participation, fair evaluation, and appreciation of their performance,
  6. Using data, information, and communication to support profitability and delivering sustainable and predictable performance results, ensuring the preservation of acquired information,
  7. Increasing competitiveness by reducing the costs of poor quality while increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Quality Management System through the management of activities and resources based on the process approach,
  8. Creating an organization that is flexible against possible disruptions in plans, ready for change, able to learn and learn from its mistakes, and does not lose its motivation and focus on goals,
  9. Being sensitive and respectful to society and the environment,
  10. Comparing performance with other organizations and even industries and using it for a product or organizational improvements
  11. Systematic review and improvement of our business practices.