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Our Human Resources Policy

Çumitaş implements different projects every year in the field of Human Resources, with the philosophy of shaping the future as it envisions and protecting its own future, rather than meeting the future as it is. Our perspective focused on increasing organizational efficiency with innovative and agile policies that coincide with the strategic plan and vision is shaped primarily by competency-based recruitment practices, onboarding processes and training and development opportunities where employees have the opportunity to reveal their potential. In addition to incentives to increase the potential of our employees in their current roles, we offer job diversity and career opportunities through backup, rotation and career mapping studies.

Many corporate social responsibility projects and motivational activities are planned every year in order to increase employee loyalty and support internal communication and teamwork. In addition, our employees can carry out joint activities for their own hobbies in El-Tayfa Clubs. In order to ensure labor peace and create equality of opportunity, within the framework of Çumitaş ethical principles, equal opportunities are provided to all employees and candidate employees, especially women, disabled and young workforce, and job security, the right to become a member of a union and to make a collective bargaining agreement are guaranteed. In order to provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees and business partners, studies are carried out to minimize occupational accidents and raise occupational safety awareness through preventive activities.

In line with our performance management practices, which are carried out to support sustainable success and bring all employees to the same goal, our employees set individual goals and benefit from coaching and mentoring support to realize these goals. In addition to our performance system, our appreciation and recognition practices were implemented in 2022 and our employees are given appreciation awards, seniority, retirement, birth and wedding gifts for their immediate or long-term performance. With the perspective of “The one who does the job knows best”, suggestions that increase the working conditions and efficiency of our company are evaluated and rewarded within the Fikri Hür Suggestion Award System.

Our Recruitment Processes

In the selection and placement processes; To provide fair and equal opportunities without discrimination of gender, religion, language or race and without any privileges. All applications for the relevant position are received through and the candidates who best suit the specified qualifications and competencies are contacted. General aptitude, foreign language and personality inventory exams are applied to candidates who are found suitable as a result of the preliminary interview. With candidates who successfully complete the exam. human resources interviews and technical interviews are conducted.

Our Internship Application Processes

Our interns complete a project on “Çumitaş 2050” while graduating from Çumitaş, undertaking some of the duties assigned to a full-time employee, accompanied by an internship coach who accompanies them throughout their work. Our interns, who are evaluated after this project, are prioritized in recruitment and are also paid for the duration of their internship.

Long-Term Internship: Students of Vocational and Trade High Schools and 4th grade students of the universities with which we have a protocol spend a school term in our company between September-December / February-May.

Short-Term Internship: Mechanical, Automotive, Industry, Electrical-Electronics, Mechatronics Engineering, Business Administration, Economics, Labor Economics and Industrial Relations, Logistics, etc., which are within the scope of compulsory internships of universities. Summer internship opportunities are provided for 3rd and 4th year students in these fields between June and September.