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Established in 1923 as a textile mill in Tarsus, a small city along the Mediterranean coast of southern Turkey, Çukurova quickly grew into a conglomerate within industrial sector especially in the area of textile and construction machinery. Coming from a strong legacy of industrial sector as its traditional field of activity, the Group has always placed significant emphasis on its industrial operations. As the Group progressed , it acknowledged that further penetration into other sectors was necessary to meet its ambitious strategic targets. To achieve these targets, Çukurova undertakes all its endeavors based on a philisophy rooted in development and innovation. As a result of its investments in various other business avenues, today, the Group has come to be globally recognized with operations in many different sectors such as industry, construction, communication and information technologies, media, tarnsportation and services, financial services and energy.

The Group is also active and proud contributor to the advancement of Turkish society, with a tradition of undertaking large infrastructure projects.