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Cumitas ARGE, is a R&D and innovation company aiming to create a difference with its investments. Cumitas ARGE re-searchs and develops the ideas of compatible with competitive strategies or the ideas that may impact on these strategies which would accelerate the realization of the vision of global growth, provide the solutions to the Cukurova’s Customers.

Priority target within the scope of applied research activities ; to identify the Cukurova’s customers problems which could be solved with the knowledge and technology in the field of our activity and to ensure the realization of solutions by doing R&D on these fields beyond the known technics.

In order to achieve our objectives; technology trends are followed closely, being operated with international technology platforms and projects. We progress in cooperation with world leader universities, research centers or companies which are in the field of our strategic research, find solutions in these areas that make a difference and make experimental productions.