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General Directorate of Highways Strengthened with Çukurova Construction Equipment Against Winter Conditions

The General Directorate of Highways continued its steps to strengthen its infrastructure against the difficult weather conditions encountered during the winter months. In this context, Çukurova construction equipment was added to the inventory of the General Directorate.

The delivery ceremony of the new machinery and equipment to be used in road maintenance and snow fighting works was held with the participation of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Abdulkadir Uraloğlu and General Director of Highways Ahmet Gülşen. Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Uraloğlu said, “These investments were of vital importance for the safety and continuity of our highways. Çukurova construction equipment was an important force that will keep our roads open in difficult winter conditions.”

General Director of Highways, Ahmet Gülşen, said, “With our new machines, we have accelerated our snow removal processes and increased the quality of our road maintenance services.” With the addition of Çumitaş’s new equipment, a more effective fight against adverse weather conditions during the winter months was carried out. In this way, safe and uninterrupted transportation of citizens was ensured.