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Human Resources


Our Human Resources Policy

Çumitaş implements many different projects each year in order to shape the future instead of accept as it is. Our strategy is focused on increasing organizational efficiency with modern and agile methods; such as competency-based recruitment and onboarding practices, training and development opportunities. Employees find opportunities to discover their potential with these practices.

In addition to training development activities to improve employee’s competencies, we apply career opportunities in our succession management system such as rotation, promotion and career mapping. Each year lots of corporate social responsibility projects and motivational activities are carried out to maintain employee loyalty, support internal communication and teamwork. Apart from participating in these events, our employees can organize their own activities by our hobby clubs named ‘’El Tayfa ‘’

Ethic Codes of Cumitaş provides equal opportunities and maintains peace at work for all employees and candidates; including but not limited to recruitment of woman, young or disabled workforce, health and safety or right to joining the union. Many developments are made to ensure a healthy and safe working environment for our employees /business partners and for preventing work accidents. 

Performance management system is designed to support sustainable performance and achieve company’s goals. Each employee sets individual goals compatible to company’s one and serviced coaching and mentorship to achieve these objectives. In 2022, peer-to-peer employee recognition, rewards, and engagement system includinginstant or long-term performances, retirement, marriage etc. designed to boost internal culture and retention.

We know “The one who does the job knows it’s best”. By this philosophy, a variety of inputs from our employees achieving cost savings or improving product quality, workplace efficiency, customer service, or working conditions are evaluated and rewarded within our Suggestion System named “Fikri Hür”.

Our Recruitment Process

To achieve Çumitaş’s mission, a diverse and capable workforce is Çumitaş’s most important asset. Our policy promotes equality and prevents discrimination, harassment and gender-based violence. Your application is received through “” and reviewed carefully by our HR Specialists. If there is a match between position’s qualifications and your’s, you will be invited to online English & analytical test and assessment center exercise. Competency based and technical interviews is the last part of our selection process. We make job offer to the candidates who successfully complete all steps.

Our Internship Application Process

Our interns complete some of the duties assigned to a full-time employee throughout their work and our full time employees coach them during their internship. In order to graduate from Cumitas, interns need to prepare a project describing the department’s way of working in 2050. Managers evaluate their performance and projects and successful interns are prioritized in recruitment. All interns are paid during their internship.

Long-Term Internship: Vocational Technical High School students or 4th-grade university students are accepted for long term internship. Çumitaş made protocol with universities for long term internship and the students work for minimum one semester in our company.

Short-Term Internships: Summer interns from reputable universities are accepted for summer internship. Applicants should mainly be from mechanical ,automotive, industrial engineering, electrical-Electronic, mechatronic engineering or Business Administration, Economics, Labor Economics, and Industrial Relations, and Logistics, etc., The internships are should be start and finished between June and September.