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Çukurova Backhoe Loaders Became the Star of Builders’ Day in Yekaterinburg

Yekaterinburg hosted one of Russia’s important construction ceremonies. The Builders’ Day event brought together the leading names and brands of the industry. One of the prominent participants of this special day was Çukurova backhoe loader vehicles.

Çukurova’s dealer, Avtadorkomlekt, participated in the event and shared this special day with the participants in Yekaterinburg. Çukurova’s backhoe loaders were followed with great interest by construction professionals, engineers and other stakeholders in the industry throughout the event. Çukurova machines, known for their modern design, superior performance and durability, shined like a star throughout the event.

Event participants were not only offered the opportunity to examine the machines closely. They also had the chance to get behind the wheel of Çukurova backhoe loaders, take a test drive and use the equipment of the machines. This interactive experience allowed participants to see with their own eyes how effective and user-friendly Çukurova machines are.